Spartan Dairy 3 is now available for sale.  Purchasing one copy of the program gives the right to install it on one host computer (a single-user workstation).   

To order with a credit card, go to

To order with a check or money order (not needed for credit card orders):

  1. Complete the Word form (preferred): Spartan Dairy 3 Order Form.doc or the PDF form: Spartan Dairy 3 Order Form.pdf, and email to Carla McLachlan at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).
  2. Send check or money order in US Dollars to: Carla McLachlan, Spartan Dairy Program, 1290 Anthony, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI 48824.  Include a copy of your order form with the check.
  3. Include additional money for standard shipping: $10 for USA, $15 for Canada, and $45 for other international locations. 

Please email Carla McLachlan at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or call her at 517-432-5402 between 8 AM and 4 PM Eastern US time Monday through Friday (except holidays) if you have questions.   

The price for Spartan Dairy 3 is US$450 and must be in US dollars.  Standard shipping is $10 for the USA, $15 for Canada, and $45 for other international addresses.  In some cases, assistance with customs may be needed.  If you need expedited shipping, extra charges will be required—please call or email Carla McLachlan for help.

Michigan residents receive a $50 discount and the sales tax is included in the price. 

Bulk discounts are available.  $50 discount for each copy if you purchase 5 or more copies.  Inquire for larger orders. 

A $100 discount is available for users in educational non-profit organizations.  Inquire about use in teaching; installation in computer labs for teaching is free with the purchase of one program. Often students will use the demo version on their own PCs.  Once a demo is expired, you cannot upload another version; however, we do have a second demo that we can provide for instructional purposes.  

Purchase of the program entitles you to limited customer support (2 hours) and to any updates designed to fix bugs.  A future upgrade with a cost optimizer may be available in 2014 for an additional $100-200 but we make no promises on this. 

A fully-functioning demonstration version (current demo was uploaded on July, 2011) is available for free downloading; you can see if you like it before buying it.